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In both California and the whole U.S., violent crime is on the rise and has already reached to alarmingly high levels. In the wake of this wave of criminal activity, unfortunately, many innocent people are also being accused of committing these types of crimes. David J. Givot understands this situation, and he has long fought to defend those accused of violent crimes in the Los Angeles and southern California area.

Another reaction to the recent onslaught of violent crimes has been stricter laws and more severe punishments for these offenses. For example, most violent crimes will get you a “strike” under California’s Three Strikes Law. Once a strike is on your record, you will face enhanced sentences for any future convictions.

If you or your loved one have been charged with a violent crime, you should waste no time in securing the services of a top criminal defense attorney. David Givot has a long track record of successfully handling violent crimes cases in Long Beach and southern California. He is a seasoned trial lawyer with expertise in defending against all manner of violent crime allegations, ranging from criminal or terrorist threats to first degree murder.

Police Mishandling of Violent Crime Cases

In many instances, police personnel rush through the process of investigating a violent crime charge instead of doing a thorough and accurate job. This often results in cases being over-charged by prosecutors or even in innocent people being convicted. Witnesses from whom police investigators take statements are frequently mistaken or dishonest, which can lead to misidentifications and false charges being leveled.

Part of the reason for this glaring unprofessionalism on the part of police is that the pressing goal of law enforcement has too often become simply moving a case along quickly so as to get to the next investigation. It is faster to not bother to gather all the evidence and interview all important witnesses. However, if these things had been done, a lesser charge or no charge at all would often have resulted. In some cases, the situation is even worse- police officers go rogue and use illegal tactics to gather evidence.

Whatever the exact cause of a false or exaggerated charge, the Law Office of David Givot is more than well equipped to protect your rights. David Givot has deep knowledge of California criminal law and extensive experience in ensuring that all evidence was gathered legally and that no procedural violations go unnoticed.

Defending Against Violent Crime Charges 

If you are facing a violent crime charge in Long Beach or southern California, you will be in need of an attorney who knows the law and the court system well enough to put up the best possible defense. A good defense strategy can make the difference between a long jail stay and a quick dismissal.

While there are many possible defenses, three of the most common ones are a) self defense, b) defense of others, and c) misidentification. David Givot has the legal expertise and the relationships with local law enforcement, judges, and other attorneys to successfully pursue a wise legal defense for each client.

Violent crimes come in many specific varieties, and David Givot has detailed knowledge of all the types of charges you may be facing, including the following:

  • Robbery, PC 211
  • Carjacking (Grand Theft Auto)
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • Arson
  • False imprisonment
  • Criminal/terrorist threats, PC 422
  • Simple assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon, PC 273.5
  • Domestic violence, PC 273.5
  • Weapons charges
  • Violent crime by means of a firearm
  • Murder, PC 187
  • Manslaughter

If you have been arrested for or are under investigation for a violent crime in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Riverside, anywhere in Orange County, or throughout southern California, David Givot has the experience to handle your case. He will fight for your rights from day one and will guide you step by step through the legal process.

For further information on violent crimes defense or to schedule a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of David J. Givot today at 888-293-0396 or locally at 310-699-0070.

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