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Even though a misdemeanor crime seems less severe than a felony, it can still have a devastating affect on your life. A conviction stays on your criminal record. It will show up in background checks.

It might prevent you from getting a good job, being accepted into graduate school or adopting a child.

My name is David J. Givot. At the Law Office of David J. Givot in Long Beach, California, I defend clients charged with juvenile and adult misdemeanor offenses. I understand how a criminal charge can affect all aspects of your life. I will work to protect your privacy as I fight for you.

"No crime is a small crime. They all have consequences. Therefore, you need a skilled attorney who will fight for you today, while keeping an eye on tomorrow."

What’s the Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor?

Felony convictions involve a jail or prison sentence of at least one year. Misdemeanors are punished by less than one year in jail and fines up to $1,000, plus probation and community service. Misdemeanors include crimes such as:

  • Drug crimes
  • Shoplifting
  • Domestic violence
  • Prostitution
  • Trespass
  • Reckless driving
  • Simple assault

A misdemeanor can be raised to a felony, depending on such things as the seriousness of the crime, your previous criminal history and injuries to the alleged victim.

In some instances, your criminal record can be expunged. That means, it will not be available to the general public. To see if this is an option for you, contact my office to set up a free initial consultation.

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