Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are normally filed if abuse is suspected against a child, an elderly person or a spouse. The use of physical force that results in an injury or other type of harm is the definition of abuse. It can be accompanied by anger, fury, outrage, vehemence and a variety of other emotions and actions. Unlawful physical force with the intent to harm another person, either physically or mentally, a spouse or loved one constitutes abuse. In California, abuse is taken very seriously and can lead to extremely harsh penalties and repercussions.

If you have been charged with abuse or are currently under investigation, you should immediately seek legal counsel. Hiring an attorney will help to protect your rights. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to ask the right questions and give you the best advice possible as it pertains to your particular case. It is in your best interest to retain an attorney who is highly skilled in this area. Having an attorney by your side during your court hearings will help you better understand the judicial process.

Sexual abuse, threats, intimidation and the restricting of another person's rights are all considered forms of domestic violence. A person who is convicted of a domestic violence charge may receive mandatory jail time, in addition to fines, restitution, probation and counseling. They may also be terminated by their employer and lose the opportunity to work for government agencies, restricted from carry a hand gun or other weapon and lose other valuable rights.

Powerful Defense Strategies

Threatening or committing a violent act against a child, spouse, former spouse or roommate constitutes domestic abuse. The following charges can be included in a domestic abuse case:

•       Physical assault and battery

•       Social abuse

•       Child abuse

•       Spousal abuse

•       Financial abuse

•       Verbal abuse

A domestic violence case can be extremely complex and confusing. Attorneys who handle these types of cases must have a complete and thorough knowledge of the law. Hiring an attorney is crucial if you want to be treated fairly and justly in court. An aggressive lawyer may be just what you need to help you win your case.


Did You Know?

In a domestic violence case, the only persons who can drop the charges are the judge and the prosecuting attorney. You may still be prosecuted if the victim decides to not press charges. Hiring an attorney can help you resolve your case, if the situation continues and you are formally charged by the state. Your attorney will be able to:


•       Help you understand your options

•       Explain possible strategies for your defense

•       Represent you in court and fight for your rights

•       Protect your reputation from being damaged


Domestic Violence Attorneys

The attorneys at the Law Office of David J. Givot are here to help you get through a difficult time. We have the experience and the knowledge to protect your rights and effectively represent you in a court of law. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, let us help you by preparing an aggressive defense that will help to prove your innocence. We stay abreast of changing laws and are constantly in contact with individuals who are using the newest in defense strategies. We are here to help you win your case!

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