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EMS Lessons from Conrad Murray Trial

When the jury in the Conrad Murray trial announced the guilty verdict, traditional and cyber-media exploded. Some say justice was done, others disagree. Even now, as the world awaits the sentence, all media has and continues to exploit every possible angle to squeeze every drop of juice it can before, like every other “big” story, it becomes yesterday’s news.

As an EMS attorney, I have very strong feelings about the trial. Not about the guilt or innocence of the defendant, and not about the dubious character of the late Michael Jackson. Rather, my concern is for the lessons to be learned from two, lesser-known, participants: Richard Senneff and Martin Blaunt.

In case those two names are unfamiliar, allow me to enlighten you: Senneff and Blaunt were the Paramedics who responded and transported Jackson; the Paramedics whose documentation was examined and scrutinized by teams of lawyers before it was projected on a giant screen for the world to see; the Paramedics who appeared in court and testified in front of the entire world. The Paramedics whose testimony, some say, sealed the guilty verdict and convicted Conrad Murray in the death of one of history’s biggest and most enigmatic celebrities.

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