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Criminal defense is not about defending actions, it is about defending rights and everyone has rights. When you or anyone you know ever end up in the criminal justice system, you will quickly learn that NOBODY is as interested in defending your rights as you are and you cannot do it alone. That’s when you call a tough, aggressive attorney who will be there with you and for you every step of the way.

My name is David J. Givot. At the Law Office of David J. Givot I provide aggressive, compassionate, discrete, and affordable defense for people charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes, including DUI/DWI and drug offenses.

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Recent Case Results

Felony Possession of Assault Weapons: Client, a Firefighter/Paramedic/Arson Investigator, was arrested after police responded to the report of a disturbance at his home. Although there was no actual criminal disturbance, and having nothing to hide, Client openly consented to a search of the home by police. When officers discovered a locked gun safe, they asked for the safe to be opened. Again, having nothing to hide, Client opened the locked safe. Inside the safe was a wealth of firearms; hunting rifles, handguns, newer models and antiques. Client explained that all of the guns, except for a hunting rifle, a shotgun, and his service weapons, were handed down to him when his grandfather had passed away. In fact, he had never even fired the other weapons; he only ever handled them to the extent necessary to place them in the locked safe. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Client, two of the weapons met the criteria for assault weapons in California, so the police arrested him and he was charged with two felony counts. Again, after lengthy investigation, loads of research, and negotiations with a very reasonable DA, the case resolved. One misdemeanor count. No jail. He kept his job, his status as a peace officer, and all but those two guns.

Felony Lewd Act with a Minor: Client was charged after his estranged stepdaughter alleged that he had touched her inappropriately. Our investigation confirmed that the stepdaughter was angry and displaced after Client married her mom; believed that he ruined her family and she would be happier with him gone. The investigation also found significant issues with timeline, credibility, and consistency of the stepdaughter’s story. After lengthy negotiations with a very talented and reasonable DA, and considering Client not wanting to put the family through a difficult and humiliating (for the stepdaughter) trial, he ultimately accepted pleading to a single count of misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

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